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27 Jun

Take a Trip to the Historic Belvedere Museum

If you live in Claremore, Oklahoma, chances are you are already familiar with the Belvedere Mansion Museum. Its rich history spans over a century and the home has been fully restored to its original spendor.

Belvedere was built in 1902 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion took several years to build and was completed after the death of its original owner. In the 1930′s, Belvedere was sold to an investor who converted it into apartments for multiple residents.

Many visitors to Belvedere will tell you about occurrences of paranormal activity in the home. The second floor is where most of the reports originated and include unexplained voices and noises, sensations of being touched by something when no one else is present, drastic temperature changes without outside influence, randomly flushing toilets, and sightings of hazy figures in the distance. These figures are believed to be of John Bayless, the original owner, and a young resident who committed suicide in the building in the 1940′s.

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