Belvidere Mansion

1902 Victorian Style 9,000 sqft Home

The 1902 vintage mansion is located two blocks east of downtown Claremore and is furnished with period

The mansions construction started in 1902 and was completed in 1907. The third story ballroom is completely restored, containing around 3,000 square feet of sheer elegance. All four towers open into the beautiful expanse. Blue sky and clouds adorn the vaulted ceiling which is crowned by an old-fashioned sky-light. The room is painted completely in shades of ivory and is graced by four gold chandeliers and gold sconces on the walls. Large windows are covered in lace and look out in all directions providing lovely views of Claremore, especially at sunset and at night. 

The Belvidere is a unique three story Victorian mansion. The house is brick with a tile roof and has four towers, one on each corner. A portico on the north side provided cover for the guest carriages as they arrived for gala parties.

A large porch covers the front entrance with matching balcony directly above. Much of the trim and woodwork used in the mansion were brought from the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.
A wide entry L-shaped hall meets the carriage entrance to form a gathering place. The floor is covered in tile laid by a man from Italy. The walls are wainscoted marble and pressed-tin. Sliding pocket doors and fireplaces accent several rooms. 
Just as unique as the Belvidere are the stories behind the mansion and the man who built it. 

Attracted by Claremore's two railroads, John M. Bayless brought his wife, Mary, and six children to Indian Territory from Cassville, Missouri in 1901. By 1902, Bayless started building his castle-like mansion located at Fourth and Chickasaw. Unfortunately, Mr. Bayless died before the Belvidere was completed in 1907.

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