Will Rogers Hotel

The Historic Will Rogers Hotel, Claremore, OK

The historic Hotel Will Rogers was dedicated on February 7, 1930 and Louis Abraham, Walter Krumrei, and Morton Harrison financed the hotel. Their plan came together after Louis' father had come to Claremore to take mineral water baths and was cured of rheumatism. He fell in love with the place, but felt that Claremore had been held back as a health resort for the lack of suitable hotel facilities. The fireproof structure of concrete and steel unique for it's time and furnishings cost $321,000 to build.

During World War II, it was designated as a bomb shelter. It was Krumrie that chose the Spanish decor, partly because of its resemblance to Will Rogers' home in Santa Monica. The six story hotel contained 78 rooms and seven apartments. 

The mineral water baths became an important part of the grand hotel's service. The mineral water, called radium water, was discovered in 1903 on the eastside of Claremore while prospectors were drilling for oil and gas. The greenish-black, rotten-egg-smelling water was analyzed and contained 13 minerals, including sulfur, salt and iron. Will Rogers joked that the water would "cure you of everything but being a Democrat."

The hotel was known for exquisite service. Bellhops were awaiting guests when they stepped out of their cars to assist with luggage. There was maid service. And, the Hotel Will Rogers was known for the wonderful meals prepared in the coffee shop.

The hotel closed in 1991 before reopening

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